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        The Family Web Site of The Artist Herman Herzog


                                                is the Herzog Family Website and the only authorized sellers of Herman (nee Hermann)  and his son, Lewis's art reproductions, all of which are under current and enforceable copyright protection.


Many other sites sell reproductions of their artwork, but they are mass produced and of inferior quality, as well as violating applicable copyright laws.


As the only possessors of all Herman and Lewis's historical records-both biographical and artistic, we are the leading and definite authority on all their paintings- for both appraisal and authenticity information and documentation.


Lately, some galleries and auction houses are selling "Herzog" paintings which were not painted by Herman Herzog- please notify us if you suspect one is for sale to the public- not only do these inferior paintings damage Herman's reputation as a master painter, but diminish their value.

If you are a collector or seller of Herman's paintings you must be aware that false and inferior paintings that claim to be painted by him only bring down the monetary and artistic value of his actual creations.


We welcome all inquiries as to Appraisal and authenticity- as Herman's popularity and market value have been increasing we are seeing a growing number of paintings on the market which claim to be Herzogs but which are not.



Thank you for visiting our site and please don't hesitate to contact us,

The Herzog Family





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